JBJ95 no longer cooperate with the Agency Star Road Entertainment

JBJ95 no longer cooperate with the Agency

JBJ95 filed a lawsuit against Star Road Entertainment over contract termination.

On April 14, it was reported that JBJ95 submitted a content confirmation request to terminate their contract with Star Road Entertainment last September.

JBJ95 stated that Star Road Entertainment did not provide them with a manager for their promotions, forcing them to temporarily hire a manager outside the company every time they had activities. The members also allege that they have to take care of their own management, From hiring your own stylist to making personal appointments with hairdressers and makeup artists.

According to JBJ95, Star Road Entertainment is currently entangled in lawsuits over paying staff salaries, as well as unpaid fees to concert organizers. Since all of the company's employees are believed to have left the company, JBJ95 affirms that Star Road Entertainment is currently unable to support or manage the group.

JBJ95 also stated that their agency promised to produce YouTube and TikTok content for both for over three months. But there was no sign of following So, besides broadcasting Naver's V Live, the group has now stopped all activities.

Finally, JBJ95 alleges that Star Road Entertainment is not transparent in financial matters. For example, they claimed that the financial statements they received from the agency were incomplete and that they did not make advance payments to the album distributor.

When JBJ95 requested correction from the company, Star Road Entertainment reportedly responded by requesting compensation for damages.

JBJ95 stated: "We apologize for giving reasons for people to be worried during this difficult time when many people are having difficulties due to COVID-19". “We sincerely thank all the fans who made JBJ95 survive and the people who gave us love and support, and our staff, who have always been the source of strength. Great strength for us. We hope that we will be able to welcome you as more mature versions of ourselves in the future."

Meanwhile, Star Road Entertainment commented, "It's really regrettable that this kind of lawsuit is filed when the company is in a difficult situation." In response to JBJ95's specific statements, the company continued, "Although they do not have their own specific manager in charge of them, there is always a manager in the agency and in fact, for the sake of individuals. When the staff left the company, the executives even moved forward to manage JBJ95's schedule."

"When one of the members was filming, the studio prepared the staff [hair and makeup], but that member turned it down and hired his own staff," said Star Road Entertainment. "The company has paid for these expenses, and we have receipts." The agency continued, “Regarding the mention of damages and penalties, that was something that was mentioned among our legal representatives after we received a content confirmation [contract termination] from JBJ95 members, during the submission of proof that proved their claims to be false."

"In order to get through this difficult time for our agency, we actually signed up gigs for JBJ95, but the members are actually the ones who turned them down," Star Road Entertainment declare. "It was indignant when they filed a lawsuit on the grounds that the company was in [financial] trouble."

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